Introduction of the Eastern Pyrenees

Introduction of the Eastern Pyrenees

The Eastern Pyrenees is a French département located in the South, close to the Spanish border and alongside the Mediterranean coast. This particular position will enable you to walk around a rich blend of land, sea and mountains. In only one hour and a half, you will be able to come from a Mediterranean climate to a mountain one! Thus, you will benefit from the diversity of our landscapes and natural protected areas. Enjoy!

Between land, sea and mountains

« Between land, sea and mountains »: if we had to find out a quote representing our territory, this one would perfectly match. The territory consists of six areas. On the seaside, you can visit the plain of Roussillon and see the amazing Vermeille coast to enjoy our natural beaches and fantastic coves. On the landside and from the North to the South, you will pass through the Fenouillèdes, the Conflent and the Vallespir. Last but not least, the Cerdagne and Capcir will lead you to more than 3900 ft. The peak of Carlit, the territory’s highest one, overhangs the area reaching 9583 ft.

A spicy catalan culture

The Eastern Pyrenees département, minus the Fenouillèdes territory, is historically part of Catalonia. Originally known as the Marca Hispanica in the ninth century, Catalonia has endured, and continues to exist today through its language, its flag named “Senyera”, and its customs and traditions. Catalonia was split into two parts in 1659 after France and Spain signed the “Traité des Pyrénées”, ending with the war. Today, Northern Catalonia is the French part of Catalonia which was enrolled by France in 1659.

Internationally known vineyards

The Eastern Pyrenees are an appropriate environment to produce wines. There are different types. You will mainly retrieve dry wines under the name of Collioure or Côtes du Roussillon, and also natural sweet wines like the Maury, the Banuyls or the Muscat de Rivesaltes. Come and enjoy (reasonably) our different wine roads and visit our vineyards that generally offer free wine tasting.

Share the local food specialities

Cargolade, sardinade, calçotada, boles de picolat, tapas… You might know those local dishes. If not, they represent substantial local meals to share with friends and relatives. For those who would rather like refined dishes, several chiefs will be delighted to welcome you and serve you with our best local products.

Sport also between land, sea and mountains

The territory is also a land of sport. First of all, you can feel the rugby spirit through our two main teams. The first one, USAP, plays in the second French division in rugby at fifteen players. The other one named the Dragons Catalans, is the only French team of rugby at thirteen players playing in the English Super League. Besides, several swimmers come to train at Canet-en-Roussillon, where Laure Manaudou experienced her first successes with the trainer Philippe Lucas. Last but not least, a lot of teams or professional come to the National Center of Altitude training in Font-Romeu to get prepared for important events or competitions. For instance, Martin Fourcade, a French biathlete who obtained several gold medals in the last winter Olympic Games in Sotchi, is coming from Font-Romeu where he began his career.