Adrien, traveler, Paris

Adrien, traveler, Paris

Raised in Norther Catalonia, Adrien has kept a strong attachment of his birth place. Today fireman of Paris, he is also passionate about travels and discoveries and does not miss an opportunity to come back to refresh his mind and enjoy the landscapes.


You are now living in Paris. Why do you regularly come back in the Eastern Pyrenees ?

First of all I would say I miss my friends and family. Actually you can feel this familial spirit and warm side in our region. That is why I regularly come back. I also like to refresh my mind, far from the noisy Paris.


Do you have any experience to share linked to the catalan culture ?

Northern Catalonia is also a famous and historical land of rugby. Through USAP (rugby with 15 players) and Dragons Catalans (rugby with 13 players), we practice this sport at a European level. I particularly remember the two finals of the French league USAP participated to in 2009 and 2010. We were thousands of people going to Paris. Before the game and for the lunch, we organized big barbecues in the Champ de Mars and there were such a nice atmosphere ! Normally usually fordidden and tolerated for the event, this kind of festivity reflects the Catalan characters: stubborn, certainly, but we never miss an opportunity to celebrate our traditions.


Your feelings about B-Holidays ?

It is an interesting idea that could improve the tourism in our region and help people discover another facet, beyond our nice beaches. Insisting in our natural and cultural heritage is important and quite new in the département.