Jane, adopted catalan, Saint Laurent

Jane, adopted catalan, Saint Laurent

Brave enough to get married with a Catalan with a strong character, Jane, also called “Nanou” by her relatives, has totally interfered in the Catalan culture that is part of her today’s daily life.

As a member of the association “Parlem Català” (We spoke Catalan), she likes learning more and more about the catalan culture. Also passionate about cooking, she cooks the best “paëllas” you could ever taste. If you have the chance to taste it, you won’t forget it !



What could you tell us about the Eastern Pyrenees ?

I adopted them during the sixties. At the beginning I went here on holiday, but I finally decided to live here and got married with a Catalan. We talk about a nice mix between land, sea and mountains. In only one hour and a half drive, you can go from the seaside to the mountains. During this short trip, you will be surprised by the diversity and the richness of our landscapes.


What could you say about the catalan culture ?

It is part of my life, I adore it. Its language is really charming. Being Catalan is also respecting our traditions. Our local festivals like the “Sant Jordi” or the “Sant Joan” underline our traditions and joy of living.


A few words about B-Holidays ?

It is a good idea but also a real challenge. In fact, there such many things to do, such many people to meet that it is nice to see someone being involved in the promotion of our territory.