Romain, the heart on his sleeve, Perpignan

Romain, the heart on his sleeve, Perpignan

This young catalan really adores Northern Catalonia. Loving its culture, passionate about its landscapes, keen on rugby and local traditions, Romain is part of these few young persons able to introduce you Northern Catalonia with such a pleasure.

Besides this attachment, Romain has the heart on his sleeve. Fireman volunteer, caregiver, he also founded “Don Faré au Bénin”. By looking for funds and through humanitarian missions in Benin, he helps the association “Les enfants de Togbota” (children from Togbota) which falicilitates children schooling and the daily lives of locals.


What are you thinking about Eastern Pyrenees ?

The Eastern Pyrenees département is without any doubt one of the French territory I like the most ! In fact, close to the Spanish border, its different areas (Roussillon, Haute Cerdagne, Conflent, Vallespir, Aspres, Albères, Salanque and Capcir) form a perfect mix between mountains, sea, sun and blue sky. We can also visit charming villages, like Eus for instance which is one of the most sunny village of France. We are also keen on rugby and supports two famous local teams: USAP (rugby with 15 players) and Dragons Catalans (rugby with 13 players).

I really appreciate living here and if I have to leave one day, it is to better come back.


What does the catalan culture represent for you ?

I would say the catalan culture is all my life. My mother comes from Southern Catalonia (Barcelona) and my father from Northern Catalonia (Saint Laurent de Cerdans). I have been raised here.

With several local festivals, nice traditional danses, local singers (Jordi Barre, Cali) and many traditions, our culture is rich but unknown ! I personnaly look forward each year the “Bear festival” and its carnaval which takes place in February at Saint Laurent de Cerdans. It gathers all generations during a weekend by celebrating the traditional hunt of the pyrenean bear. Before the spring, the young men used to hunt the bears to show how brave they were, even if they took advantage of the weakness of the animal as it was barely emerged from hibernation. Today, because there is no bear anymore in the area, a young man from the village replaces the bear and the hunt becomes a true living tale you cannot miss.


What do you think about B-Holidays ideas ?

It is an interesting an nice project ! As I mentionned, Northern Catalonia, its history and traditions, remain unknow. B-Holidays will help you discover a whole new facet of the Eastern Pyrenees and the richness of our culture !